Healthy Snacks

Snacks can be difficult. Since starting this internship, I’ve had to pack to keep me energized throughout the day. To keep metabolism up and keep yourself running on healthy fuel, having healthy snacks around is a must.

Snacks aren’t just for healthy grazing during school or work, they can also be great to keep cravings down during holiday parties. Holiday parties at work are common this time of year, and there are usually leftover goodies! Munching on a healthy snack can keep you from turning towards the Christmas cookies or donuts in the break room.

Healthy snacks are also great to enjoy before going to a party with friends or family because it can help keep you from eating too much at the party. Here are some things I like to munch on or keep in a lunch bag near my desk for when I become ravenous and need a little boost:

during the holidays:

apples – these are in season!
hearty cranberry muffins

cranberry muffins 1

granola bars with a little extra protein, like Luna Bars or Kind Bars
spiced nuts

spiced nuts 3

Also, be sure to check out these healthy snacks! These range from snacks for kids, snacks at work, to vegan snacks! YES, vegan snacks are delicious. See the hummus and veggies below!

any time of the year:

hummus & veggies

hummus veg

celery with peanut butter
fruit and yogurt parfait


banana with peanut butter
cheese stick
handful of plain nuts


In the end, try to keep snacks light (200 calories or under) and healthy! Try a fruit and maybe add some protein for increased satiety. Remember, snacks keep you energized until your next meal, they can help keep your blood sugar stable, and they are great for metabolism. Go pack a snack to take tomorrow, your body will thank you!


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