Red Velvet Smoothie

It was one of those days.

red velvet smoothies 1

I woke up and went to turn off a light, kept on for the new kitten, and there was a SPIDER right next to the lamp light switch. omg. dead.

So, I promptly called J, who was inconveniently working 30min away, and he suggested taking the lamp outside. UH NO. What if it fell on me? more death. It crawled into the bowl of the lamp, so I put not one but two binders on top of it. NOPE. It crawled out of the one tiny crevice. J suggests vacuuming it up. Sounds reasonable. Actually, sounds hilarious, but I got on the couch and had the extension vacuum thing in my hand and had a mental break down. SO FREAKING BIG.

red velvet smoothies 2

I just cried hysterically until 9am when my apartment complex office opened. They sent maintenance. Totally worth what I pay in rent.

THEN I had to take my wailing, screaming, pissed off kitten to the vet. He was sad in the cat carrier and antsy in my lap. It was a long 40min each direction but he’s a healthy baby. Yay! And his vaccination made him sleepy, which was exactly what I needed since usually he’s a level 12 [out of 10] energy.

red velvet smoothies 3

So what do you do when life hands you spiders and screaming kittens? Make dessert smoothies. Duh. I saw this on Pinterest and pinned it immediately. A little drool might have been involved, too. Actually, this smart lady is the reason I put cottage cheese in my smoothies now. Can you say protein boost?

I am on this ridiculous smoothie kick but something about having dessert for breakfast (did you know that’s better? dessert for breakfast instead of after dinner? because you burn those calories off throughout the day! win!) is even better. Almost counteracts the tarantula in my apartment. Almost.

red velvet smoothies 4

Red Velvet Smoothie
Adapted slightly from Dashing Dish

1/2 c cottage cheese
1 scoop rocky road (or any chocolate) protein powder
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp cocoa powder
3-5 drops red food coloring
2 tbsp fat free cream cheese
1 tbsp vanilla pudding mix
10 ice cubes
1/2 c water
2 packets stevia

Blend all. Top with sprinkles if desired [or whipped cream!].


One thought on “Red Velvet Smoothie

  1. erika says:

    Ahahahah Kaylie I died reading this!!! Too funny. We are so alike. I do NOT touch spiders in my household. Always the job handed off to my sister/dad/Erik/roommate (thank god she’s not squeamish!) Anyway, it’s been TOO LONG. I’m excited to read your next post and see what you’ve been up to! Also, this smoothie sounds DELICIOUS.

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