Meet Caribou

Warning: The following content contains many kitten photos and ‘kitten selfies.’

caribou 1

So… you might have noticed I haven’t blogged in, well… way too long.

caribou 4

I’m juggling three jobs and now I have added on a new addition: a kitten. Caribou is approximately 5 weeks old. We aren’t completely sure but somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks? Probably closer to the lower end.

caribou 2

He’s a cutie pie. He holds my heart a little bit. He was going to be my mom’s but ended up being mine. Don’t worry, she visits to get her ‘grandkitty’ fix.

caribou 3

Isn’t he adorable? And let me just tell you. Being a kitty mom is hard. Scooping litter boxes all the time (don’t even get me started on litter box training because he’s only about 89% there), microwaving his food 5 seconds so it isn’t cold from the fridge (apparently cold food can upset their stomachs?), playing with him CONSTANTLY when he is outside of the bathroom and in the living room so he doesn’t have any ‘accidents,’ holding him and not being able to do anything else because he only likes to cuddle when I am lying on the floor, getting up early enough and feeding him fast enough that he doesn’t starve, and trying to not feel guilty when I leave him and go to work [he cries! breaks my heart].

photo 2-19

But meet Caribou. He is completely adorable and getting better by the day. He was a little bit sick when we got him but I think he will be an amazing study buddy next semester.

photo 1-22

photo 3-17

photo 3-16

Now you understand the lack of recipes. Can’t put him down.


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