Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Apparently smoothie bowls are in.

tropical smoothie bowl 1

The first time I saw a smoothie bowl I thought what the heck. Why would you want to ‘eat’ a smoothie with a spoon? Straws are so much FUN! Unless you’re worried about wrinkles because apparently straws cause wrinkles but ain’t nobody got time to worry about that.

tropical smoothie bowl 2

But today when I made this smoothie it was so thick, I thought maybe I should pour it into a bowl and give it a whirl. I topped this bad boy with some almonds, chia seeds, and chopped up nectarines and was pleasantly surprised. While I do love sipping smoothies through a straw, it was nice to have a little texture in this smoothie.

tropical smoothie bowl 3

After the last few posts of straight sugar, I’ve been really trying to be healthy. Like REALLY. I’m already seeing results from this Tone It Up Bikini Series and am super excited to see the end result. June 21, baby. Let’s go. [I also get to see THIS girl June 21, so even more motivation to stay on track so I can celebrate with her!]

tropical smoothie bowl 4

But anyway, this tropical frozen delight is perfect as a pre-workout fueler. Smoothies are my jam these days. J got a Magic Bullet for me for my birthday last year and I didn’t really have a whole lot of use for it over the winter but now I’m drinking 3-4+ smoothies per week. Love blending things into smithereens.

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

1/4 c orange juice
1/4 c coconut milk
1/3 c frozen tropical fruit (pineapple, mango, papaya)
1 frozen banana
3/4 c frozen orange yogurt (or plain frozen yogurt with creamsicle protein powder or just plain frozen yogurt or regular non-frozen yogurt – if using non-frozen, may want to add a couple ice cubes)
1 scoop protein powder if using non-protein powder yogurt
Toppings: chopped nectarine, chia seeds, almonds

1. Blend all but toppings.
2. Pour into bowl.
3. Top with toppings. Optional to add: coconut, chopped mango, etc.


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