I moved into a new apartment a few months ago, and man-oh-man have I been having the BEST time with the Pinterest crafts.

1. Painted Mason jars. Black and glittery, to hold makeup, pens, etc.

pinterest craft 1

pinterest craft 2

2. Hand-painted Bible verse canvas.

pinterest craft 9

pinterest craft 10

3. Bath & Body Works candle lid coasters.

pinterest craft 7

pinterest craft 8

4. Painted wine bottle, with some ribbon and flowers, of course.

pinterest craft 11

pinterest craft 12

5. Menu board. For the OCD dietitian in me. This has a dry erase board for planning, a tear-off notebook for grocery lists, and an envelope for coupons.

menu board 1

6. Health inspiration board. Complete with attractive pictures of food, workout goals, calendar, and boyfriend-created workouts.

pinterest craft 3

pinterest craft 4

pinterest craft 5

pinterest craft 6

Go. Go be inspired. Nothing like Pinterest to make you feel like an interior designer, an artist, a chef, and an athlete all at once.


3 thoughts on “Pinspired.

  1. ohshineon says:

    jules and i made those glittery mason jars for our friends for christmas, except, we used vases! also, please make both those exercise and food boards and send them to: katie salerno. then write my address.

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