Dietetic Dish

These bad boys are just getting later and later. Sorry about that.

probiotic picture

I also learned essentially nothing this week except that I may or may not be trying to find another job, red wine doesn’t make me sleepy when I sip it very slowly over hours and hours, and the Dollar Tree has the BEST wrapping paper.

Other than that, I did write a probiotic paper. 7 pages of straight up probiotic goodness. Wanna learn about that?

1. Probiotics keep children (and probably adults!) healthier with fewer illnesses and fewer days of needed medicine.

2. Probiotics help fight the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative cholitis.

3. Probiotics have essentially no adverse effects unless the consumer is an infant or immunocompromised, in which cause the bacteria in the probiotic capsule could result in infection.

4. The mechanism behind probiotics is that they enhance the natural barrier function in the gastrointestinal tract (shields your tummy), as well as prevent pathogens from entering into your gut.

5. Probiotics reduce some symptoms associated with antibiotic treatments. Be sure to take both to keep your “good” bacteria alive while the “bad” bacteria dies with the antibiotic!

There ya have it, folks. I went and bought a probiotic supplement today. I used to take one and haven’t been by Whole Foods in a while to restock but am excited to say that I took one today! 2x a day, everyday! You will be amazed at the reduced illness and potential stomach problems associated with some foods.


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