Dietetic Dish

Yay for Fridays! This week has been CRAZY and the next one will only be crazier, but smart and educated people go through life more easily, right? RIGHT?!

With that hope, we are going to learn.

squash tart 4

1. This isn’t dietetic related, but we did talk about it in class and it’s legit. And it’s a link. So you probably won’t click on it, but you should. It’s about doing squats to get free subway passes. I mean, that’s pretty legit.

2. Okay, back to dietetic things. Did you know squash is a fruit? Yes. It is. So…. I’m pretty sure that blows my mind. I mean, the battle on tomatoes has been going on long enough, but now we have squash on the fence between fruits and vegetables, too!?

3. You know that whole craze about B vitamins and how it provides you with SO MUCH ENERGY? Okay. I am here to clear that up for you. You’re welcome. Basically, the B vitamins (B6, B12, etc.) are “coenzymes” for processes and reactions in the body that provide energy. So the vitamins are not the energy providers, just the energy helpers. Does that make sense?

4. There is an average 120% increase in body fat in females during adolescence. Aren’t we all glad we are past THAT stage in our lives? [And if you’re not, I promise it gets better. Just wait until you get to the days of lipstick. That’s where I am and I’m loving it.]

5. Muscular strength peaks around 25-30 years of age. So.. since I’m 22, I am past adolescence but before my muscle mass declines? I think that calls for a celebration.

Well, there you have it. Did you learn something? You can eat your fruits and vegetables all at once, if you move to Moscow you can ride the subway for free, and don’t take energy shots because they really don’t do a whole lot except steal your money.


4 thoughts on “Dietetic Dish

  1. erika says:

    I saw that subway squats thing!! Can we please implement that here? It would look so ridiculous and be kind of hilariously inefficient. But still.

    Also #4. Aiyaiyai. Hopefully some of that is being portioned to the chestal area? Please? Adolescence feels so far away right now, thank THE LORD. And #5 oh no!! I only have 2 more years before the DECLINE BEGINS!!!

    Hmph I had a nutrition question to ask you but forgot. Well, I just thought of another one. Do you focus on/track your protein intake? When I went vegetarian, I didn’t really pay attention to my protein intake since I’d heard Americans generally eat way too much protein and you can usually eat naturally and get a sufficient amount. But…I have a feeling I was not getting a sufficient amount before I started paying attention to it recently. How important is protein??

    • skinnymuffin109 says:

      We need 0.8g protein/kg bodyweight (per day) as a normal individual, and somewhere around 1-1.2g/kg (per day) as an active person (more as you become more active, but honestly, it’s like serious endurance and weight training that you need more than 1.2 I would say). So honestly, I think if you include protein in every meal, you should be okay. And there are “hidden proteins” like in grains. If you work out (and are concerned about protein) maybe have a hard boiled egg or some PB and toast after the workout? Crucial to intake protein 20-30min post workout. There’s an app called MyFitnessPal that you can download, too, to track all food intake, but it will tell you macro/micronutrient breakdown, so you can see your protein.

      Hope that helps! And yes. We need to tell Obama about the squat thing. For reals.

      On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 6:06 PM, Skinny Muff

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