Dietetic Dish

Let’s celebrate Friday (and the upcoming weekend since it’s essentially Saturday since I’ll be sleeping in a hot minute) with some knowledge.

mexican rice spinach salad 1

1. Steel cut oats contain the same amount of nutrients as old-fashioned oatmeal. As in, it’s just a different cut, not a super “lose 10lb in 2 days” food.

2. Wild rice is not actually a rice but a grass seed.

3. Asian rice noodles are gluten free! So all you gluten-intolerant people and those inflicted with Celiac’s, you are free to nom on some Asian food!

4. Buckwheat is not a wheat but a fruit of a plant in the rhubarb family!

5. Arborio rice, the rice to make risotto, is sticky because it has a high starch content.

Lesson learned? Don’t pay more for steel cut oats. Old-fashioned oats cook way faster and are just, if not more, delicious. Rice noodles are an awesome gluten-free product (so is buckwheat!) and keep that arborio rice sticky by adding some delicious liquids, like wine. Duh.


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