Dietetic Dish

Whoops. It’s Saturday and I’m just doing this. Let’s just say this week was a leeeeetle crazy with two tests, several assignments due, and the whole Halloween madness.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Anyway. Back to nutrition.

1. Vegetables, due to their high fiber, can actually reduce the absorption of some minerals, including iron, copper, and zinc. Meat-eater: 1. Vegetarians: 0. Fail.

2. Fudge is 85% sugar while brittle and hard candies are 100% sugar… Does that make fudge healthy??

3. Copper deficiencies can lead to bone and collagen loss, decreased growth, and reduced white blood cell count.

4. Dark chocolate contains no milk solids, milk chocolate contains milk solids and sugar, and white chocolate contains no cocoa, only cocoa butter, milk, and sugar.

5. There have been several studies suggesting that chromium supplementation can improve lipid profiles by decreasing LDL and increasing HDL levels.

Oh, and here’s a picture of my precious cat. Not nutrition related at all, but totally worth it. He likes shoes, if you can’t tell.



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