Halloween Recipes Roundup

Happy Halloween!

Can we just reminisce about how great Halloween was in grade school? You would RUN home, off the bus, come sliding into the house, and eat some Halloween candy that you knew was stashed in the guest bedroom closet. Then you would do absolutely NO homework but it’s a holiday, duh, and then you would spend all afternoon waiting for the sun to go down so you could trick-or-treat.

Then you would get all ready and in your costume, grab a Halloween candy basket or, if you were older and wiser, a pillow case, and hit the roads. By the end of the night, you were exhausted, your voice was half gone (especially if you had strep throat, which I did 80% of the time on Halloween), but you sprawled out on the rug and dumped out ALL of you candy, proceeding to categorize it by brand.

Oh, and the bad candy would go to friends or Mom.

So, I am rounding up Halloween recipes for you. I was GOING to have a recipe for you, two actually, but let’s just say marshmallow fluff does not work out too well in pancake batter. At least not the way I did it.

Halloween Candy Bark

halloween bark 4

Spooky Spicy Chili

spooky chili 2

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

pumpkin deviled eggs 2

Small Batch Pumpkin M&M Cookies

pumpkin m&m cookies 2

Pumpkin Muffins with Nutella Cream Cheese Center

pumpkin muffins 3

Pumpkin Hot Cocoa


Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

pumpkin spice pancakes 4

Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pumpkin Brownie Cups

brownie cup 2




5 thoughts on “Halloween Recipes Roundup

  1. erika says:

    Boo! How did you try putting the fluff in the pancakes? I guess I can imagine it sort of just disintegrating into the batter and/or burning when it touches the hot pan 😦 Hm. We should do something with marshmallows in pancakes. Yurmmm. Also, I love your round up! So many tasty options!

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