Dietetic Dish

Well, it’s 8pm. And I am JUST sending out this. But. Better late than never, right?


1. Angel food cake is a healthy dessert option, especially for people who are diabetic. It has NO fat and NO cholesterol. Win.

2. 75% of brain growth is complete by the end of the second year of life, and 100% of the adult size brain is complete by 6-10 years old.

3. It takes 8-10 exposures to new foods before acceptance. Keep trying those brussel sprouts!

4. The lacking amino acid in legumes is methionine, and the lacking amino acid in grains is lysine. Combine = complete protein.

5. When measuring liquids, it is done in a clear, graduated measuring cup and you measure from the bottom of the meniscus. EXCEPT: In milk. You measure at the top of the meniscus.


Let’s go make some angel food cake, now, k?


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