Dietetic Dish

Oh hey, Friday. I see you’ve come already. Fridays in graduate school are great because the weeks fly by [with all the studying and classes and occasional episodes of Revenge] and then it’s the weekend and you get to hang out with your gal pals and your man. Winning combination, if you ask me.

Okay, enough weekend talk. Let’s talk nutrition [heads up, we are on the meat section. No veggies today, people]:


1. Farm raised fish have a lower nutritional profile, including fewer Omega-3 fatty acids, than wild caught fish.

2. Stuffing a turkey is NOT recommended at home (and NOT allowed AT ALL in commercial settings) because the inside of the turkey is usually not completely thawed, then when the stuffing (room temperature/warmer) is added, bacterial growth can occur.  It is better to cook the stuffing separately.

3. Why is “dark meat” dark? Because those parts of the animal are exercised more frequently, therefore contain more myoglobin (a protein in muscle tissue) that gives meat a darker/red color. These parts of the animal include the legs and the wings, compared to the stomach or sides, which are used less often.

4. Bone marrow, the material inside animal bones, is used for flavor in cooking but also contains a lot of nutrients, such as immune cells, iron, and vitamin B12. People in poverty-stricken countries will eat all the meat off the bone, break it in half, and then feed the bone marrow to babies because of the dense nutrient content and soft texture.

5. You know when a whole chicken is done because the leg/wing wiggles like a loose tooth.


If that was a little gruesome for some of you, I apologize. For the rest of you carnivores, you probably got some pretty good Thanksgiving tips in there. Never too early to start thinking about the holidays!


2 thoughts on “Dietetic Dish

  1. erika says:

    Ewwww. But interesting! I never really thought about why dark meat is dark, but that’s (kind of) good to know! Also: I bought $5 organic eggs the other day. I cringed but I did it. I think I might alternate buying organic eggs every other time…so your nutrition posts are making a difference!!!

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