Easy Egg Salad

After a long hard day of crafting – yes, crafting – I did not want to make lunch.

easy egg salad 1

So, insert egg salad sandwich. I may be a vegetarian but I get some pretty mad cravings for eggs. Hard-boiled eggs are the greatest. They give me the nutrients I need without having to dive into a steak or chicken breast.

easy egg salad 2

And for all you “No way! Eggs are SO bad for you! Aren’t you trying to be a dietitian? Don’t you know they are full of cholesterol and down right evil?” believers, I have news for you. 1 egg a day (yolk included) has less than the maximum cholesterol recommended intake. So, you can have an egg a day, get your nutrients [iron, vitamin B12, protein, choline, omega-3 fatty acids, and folate], and be a happy camper. Or, in my case, a happy veggie.

easy egg salad 3

Easy Egg Salad

Hard-boiled egg
Sliced olives
Cottage cheese
Spicy mustard
Grape tomatoes
Dill relish

1. Combine all in a bowl and mash together.
2. Spread onto sandwich or serve with crackers or over salad.


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