Hi. Since I can’t always post recipes, I thought I would post about my life. Yes, my life outside of the kitchen.

I’ve done some crafting. I made a card for my main squeeze the other day.

instalately 1

I’ve also been interning with the dietitian at Lowes Foods. It’s awesome. It gets me crazy pumped for being a dietitian one day. Only 3 more years, baby! Let’s pretend that’s not a long time, shall we?

instalately 2

I’m also trying to get back on the horse with exercising. And by exercising, I mean walking. And by walking, I mean moving my legs at a 3.2 mph pace on the treadmill for 30 minutes, trying to not pull my hair out as I watch people speed on bicycles and tear up the treadmill, as well as lift weights and do squats. It’ll come. Optimism, people. [If you are unaware of the source of my frustration, I’ve been battling a bulging disc for way too long. But walking is better than nothing.]

instalately 3

Again, main squeeze. Here, he is pictured. We were having a board game date night. He is temporarily without television or computer, and we decided to go old school. Speaking of school, he ‘schooled’ me in Life, the other day. Good thing we didn’t have time for Monopoly. My ego would never have recovered…

instalately 4

Also, I’m packing up my whole life. Well, 90% of it. My bed, dresser, and desk at home are staying there, but everything else is going. School books, clothes, furniture for the new apartment, printer, and, of course, all of my cooking stuff. As you can see, 85% of my bookcase will be filled with cookbooks. Move over, Advanced Nutrition textbook. You’re not the big dog anymore.

instalately 5

And, last but not least, I’ve been hanging out with this guy. He has quickly become one of my closest friends over this summer. Between purrs, galloping – yes, literally – down the hall after small dog toy tennis balls, and walking around with his tail fluffed up half the time, I have become very fond of him. He comes to the door when I come in, meows for me, and rubs his head against my legs and hands. He knows how to work a human.

Lately, I’ve been the first to get up in the morning, and as soon as he hears me wake up, he’s in my room purring up a storm. This is for a) attention and b) food. And if he’s really sweet, he knows I’ll throw a toy down the hall for him, too.

instalately 6

really tried to convince my parents to give him to me. He can get a little feisty with my mom and I assured her that he always has a place to stay, but I’m afraid his charm is wearing off on them, too. Oh, well.


2 thoughts on “Insta-Lately

  1. NaturesComplete says:

    What a beautiful cat. I had a cat that stayed indoors (all our other ones were out door kitties). My dad claimed he hated cats. My cat would go and sit on his lap. She wasnt a cat that warmed up to people. He would pet her for hours. I had to move out of state and left her there with them. Funny creatures, cats. 3 years really isnt that long even though it feels like it when you are in the moment. It will be here before you know it.

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