Peaches and Cream Pancakes

It’s the weekend. And not just any weekend, but girls weekend.

peaches and cream pancakes 1

My close friend from childhood is visiting me from Raleigh and I am super pumped. She is staying both nights, and we are having the best of both worlds. One night on the town, and one night straight up sleepover style.

peaches and cream pancakes 2

Translation: pajamas, cooking, baking, movies, popcorn, massages, nail polish, and girl talk.

peaches and cream pancakes 3

Since it’s the weekend and you might not have a galpal to look forward to, I made you some pancakes. I had them for dinner but I think they would be even better on a Saturday morning. Nice, fresh, and delicious as you sip your coffee and watch the birds chirp.

peaches and cream pancakes 4

Peaches are a delicacy this time of year. They are sweet, juicy, fragrant, and perfect with just about anything. Throw them on a salad, in a smoothie, on some yogurt or granola or, my favorite, in some pancakes.

peaches and cream pancakes 5

While my love for pancakes isn’t quite as intense as this girl’s, and my ability to create fabulous pancake creations pales in comparison, I would like to think of myself as a close second. I mean, IĀ doĀ love me some pancakes.

Peaches and Cream Pancakes

1 c whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg white
1 c soymilk
1/4 c plain Greek yogurt (or peach!)
2 tsp vanilla
1 peach, thinly sliced

1. Combine flour and baking powder.
2. In a separate bowl, whisk together egg white, soymilk, yogurt and vanilla.
3. Add liquids to solids and stir until combined.
4. Spoon about 1/4-1/3 cup batter, depending on the desired size of the pancakes, into a greased pan over medium heat.
5. Add peach slices onto batter, then flip when starting to bubble.
6. Top with peaches and syrup, and whip cream and cherry if desired.


2 thoughts on “Peaches and Cream Pancakes

  1. erika says:

    Ahhhhhh girl these look AMAZING!!! I want to make these stat. Ugh it just looks like you have the most delicious pancake sundae going on here–LOVE the whipped cream and the cherry on top of those juicy pancakes! I’d just add a few sprinkles…and maybe some magic shell cause why not?

    I have some peaches burning up my counter. These may be in my near future!!!

    And thanks for the shout out šŸ™‚ You are too sweet šŸ™‚ And also fabulous at pancakes šŸ™‚

    • skinnymuffin109 says:

      Did you say pancake sundae? I feel like one of us needs to make that happen šŸ˜‰ Hahahah! And magic shell pancakes? Girl, you are seriously a pancake diva! Pancake QUEEN. Haha.

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