Pineapple Mango Tacos

We are going full fledge summer here.

pineapple taco 1

Pineapple and mangoes are all the rage. They’re the epitome of summer. Fresh, light, fruity and delicious. And we all know feta is a wonder food.

pineapple tacos 2

And don’t even get me started on cilantro. I wish I had a massive garden, filled with cilantro. And corn. And kale. And berries. Berries…. can they grow in gardens? Let’s make that happen.

pineapple tacos 4

Let’s also make these tacos happen.

Pineapple Mango Tacos

Flour tortillas
Green bell pepper
Red onions

1. No specifics. Use as much or little as you like and make for as many or few people as needed.
2. Combine all in tortillas.


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