Elon Graduation: The Recap

I am officially an Elon alumni. And I couldn’t be more proud.

graduation blog 8

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you have heard the studying rants, the research frustrations, and the coping mechanisms for everyday life as a college student.

graduation blog 4

Despite all the trouble, it was worth it. I made some of the most beautiful, wonderful, and amazing friends anyone could ask for. Funny, caring, kind, supportive, and positively life-changing. I accepted amazing opportunities, such as studying in Sevilla for a semester and taking on a research project, which led to the understanding that chocolate soymilk is comparable to chocolate milk in muscle recovery. Take that, animal products.

graduation blog 5

Now I can walk proudly with my Elon degree. I can whip out large words and feel good about it rather than pretentious. I earned the right to say those words, thankyouverymuch. For example, I pulled out the phrase “culinary creation” the other day and it sounded delightful.

graduation blog 7

Wherever you are in life, I’m sure you can appreciate this post. The fact that life is hard sometimes, but despite its difficulties and frustrations, life hands you beautiful things in the meantime. Friendship. Opportunities. Education. Love. Growth. Responsibility. And pure joy. Thank you, Elon, for giving me a wonderful four years.

graduation blog 1

Now for the rehash: sometimes I have blonde moments. Below, you see me forgetting that I am a graduating student. My friend said, ” Graduating students, a picture of just you all!” and I start to leave the scene. Um. Nope? You’re graduating. Reality check.

graduation blog 2

This fine lady in the picture below has been my inspiration for years. She is a few years ahead of me on the road to becoming a dietitian, and she has been an incredible motivator. Between the “you can do it” emails, texts, and phone calls, I am where I am today.

graduation blog 6

I also owe a lot of my sanity to this fine lady in the photo below. She has been by my side for 10 incredible years. Between the food blogs, the boy troubles, the beach trips, the New Year’s Eve experiences, and the Fabulous Five, we have grown together and come a long way. And every moment has been memorable.

graduation blog 10

This week has been crazy wonderful, between the Exercise Science barbecue, the senior picnic, and the fancy shmancy gala, I couldn’t have asked for more. And none of it would have been the same without the presence and support of my friends and family.

graduation blgo 9


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