Now that I am out of school and back at home, my life pretty much consists of the gym, work [aka: reading Harry Potter in the back of a yogurt shop], and cleaning my room. Oh, and some crafts.

I apologize for my lack of recipes lately. I had two more recipes but they had terribly blurry photos and I couldn’t bring myself to blog about them.

So? I’m giving you some lunch inspiration. Lunch can get you down sometimes. It’s easy to just say “Eh, I’ll just have a snack and wait til dinner.” or “Peanut butter & jelly sandwich again? Sure.” or “Ice cream totally counts as a meal, right?” Don’t worry. I am here to inspire you.

1. Pimento cheese & vegetable pizza bagel + fruit and nut salad.

bagel + fruit nut salad

2. Homemade mac & cheese + egg & vegetable salad.

macncheese + salad

3. Pizza bagel (pizza sauce, vegetable, cheese) + vegetable salad.

bagel + salad

4. Vegetable salad with cottage cheese dressing + Yoplait raspberry chocolate whips yogurt.

yogurt + salad

5. Veggie & Laughing cow cheese sandwich + banana + strawberries.

sandwich + fruit

6. Veggie + balsamic orzo  salad.


7. Veggie salad + pasta salad + apple slices.

salad + apples

8. Artichoke pasta + carrots + peppers + celery sticks.

pasta + salad

9. Cottage cheese quinoa cake + salad.

quinoa cake salad

10. Veggie salad + sweet potato with maple greek yogurt.

potato + salad

Bonus! Snack: Peanut butter & granola banana.


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