Failures : 2012

Sometimes, things fail.

I know, I know. From the outside everything probably looks perfect and happy and delicious in my kitchen. Just kidding. I mean, everything is delicious because even though these cookies were not distinguishable, they were still cookies. A cookie with a spoon is just as good as a cookie with fingers, if not better. It was like cookie pudding. I should start a revolution.

Now, these strawberries weren’t a fail. But, rather, a massacre. Doesn’t it look like they’re bleeding?

And this is an egg boat. Basically, an egg cooked into a sweet potato. Let me just tell ya. Zero. Flavor.

This is macaroni and cheese. Just, trust me. It is. Or, it was supposed to be. I followed the recipe exactly – except for changing the cheese, but not the texture, just the kind of cheese – and it turned into this. A globby, gross mess. Otherwise known as: macaroni soup. Eww. It did taste okay, though. Just – visually unbelievably unappetizing.

One time I tried to make cookies in a muffin tin… Enough said.

It looks like I should be banned from making cookies…

And maybe cupcakes, too?

I followed the frosting recipe exactly. I just wanted you to know. Recipe error, not user error.

No, this is not soup. Yes, this is supposed to be lasagna. Yes, I suck at anything that involves an oven. Besides muffins. And yes, my friend who is very loving, patient, and wonderful, STILL ate this despite it swimming around the plate. That’s dedication.

Aaand this was me trying to make fancy pancakes. These are blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes. As you can see, they did not solidify or form properly. This is the world saying that ricotta is for stuffed pasta.

Well, thank you, 2012, for all the good times, the bad times, the friends, the boys, the tests and studying, the delicious recipes, and the recipe disasters. As we enter into 2013 (and I try to not have a total mental breakdown because 2013 is a bit of a terrifying year for me: graduation, moving to Philadelphia, new city, new school, no [new??] friends…), I’d like to share a laugh with you. Like, THE best laugh ever. I was having a bit of a weird night and read these and MAN did these turn it around.


One thought on “Failures : 2012

  1. Erika says:

    Omg Kaylie. I just died. Those autocorrects. Oh. Man. Not the thing to be reading while…not at home, in private. Also, I just want to say that even though all of these are supposed failures, cookie pudding, cookies in muffin tins and an egg in a sweet potato sound COMPLETELY DELICIOUS. And that lasagna? I'd be right there scooping it up next to you. Is that weird that it looks delicious to me?

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