So This Is Christmas.

Happy December.

I love Christmas. Love love love. I made my first Christmas card the other day and started listening to some Christmas music. I’m currently loving this song. It’s quite fabulous.

So, I’m going to make it easy on you. I’m going to give you some of my old recipes and some new recipes that I haven’t tried and desperately want to.

Here are some gingerbread pancakes for your mornings.

And some gingerbread bars for your evenings.

Peppermint bark is good for presents for teachers or anyone who helps you survive college or, let’s be real, just any really bad days.

Or some peppermint cookies for the neighbors…

Or some peppermint cupcakes. For no reason at all, obviously.

And we have some white chocolate peppermint fudge

Or some peppermint pancakes for when you get tired of the gingerbread pancakes.

And if your sweet tooth still isn’t satisfied, you could have some candy cane oreo cookiespeppermint marshmallows with your cocoa, or some cheesecake. All diabetic comas can be overcome in the new year, right? Isn’t that what all those resolutions are for?


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