Thanksgiving Break: 2012

I have come to realize that if I lived alone, I would watch lots of Sex and the City and try to pass off quesadillas for most of my meals. And paint my nails in waaaay too much detail.

I would also make these and eat them under a blanket while reading my new Joy the Baker cookbook. She is seriously my baking guru. She’s witty and talented and sassy and sophisticated. And I love it.

Despite having no recipes for you (insert: home for Thanksgiving = no cooking for me), I thought I would let you have a peek into my life.

I celebrated … for no good reason, with one of my favorite gal pals. She owns my heart.

Hung out with this guy. A lot. His eyes are crazy big. To match his extra long whiskers. Don’t you just wanna squeeeeze him??

Did some baking and ate much too much cream cheese frosting. Hello, deliciousness.

Got into grad school. Wait, whaaat? Yep. After trying to decide between two other universities, I decided to go with this one. Gotta love fate, right? Keeps you guessing all.the.time. Anyone wanna be my friend in Pennsylvania? I’ll make you pancakes..

Ate some… PEPPERMINT YOGURT [with hot fudge] from my favorite yogurt shop/second home/place where my hard earned efforts from cycling die.

Peeled myself off the couch after working way too many hours at Bath & Body Works, went to the grocery store, and found THIS. The most GIANT honeycrisp apple I have ever seen. I weighed it.
… 1 1/4 pounds. That sucker would have been over $5. I left him. As much as I love honeycrisps, I cannot bring myself to buy a single one for $5. No way.

And, last but not least, got some jeans that actually fit for Christmas. For whatever reason, none of my jeans fit anymore. Cool, body. Way to go. So, my mom and I went on a search for some jeans. Now I have three pairs of jeans that fit. I think that will keep me going for a while. And keep me from doing laundry every 5 minutes.

Oh, yeah. And that’s my sock. You know you like it.


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