Summer Travels 2012.

Traveling makes you wiser.

1. Always always always bring earplugs when traveling. Sometimes people snore in your room. And you can’t sleep. And you’re cranky and tired all the next day.

2. Don’t travel without an iPod. CDs just don’t do in a 5 hour car trip + 1 hour traffic.

3. Always take your car because you won’t complain as much. Because you like your car. And can drive it well. And one slight touch of the brakes doesn’t have you slamming into the window.

4. Eat light before traveling. Calories don’t count when traveling. That means you get to load up on cupcakes. Win.

5. GPS’s are always right. Even though they’re really annoying, they’re always right.

PS: Don’t you just loooove her yellow sports bra? How cool is that?!

Out of this experience I gained..

– A sports bra tan from the Yoga Boat Cruise.
– 500 pounds from Georgetown cupcakes.
– The knowledge that I never ever want to live in or near DC or that whole stinkin’ area.
– And a check off my summer bucket list [road trip!].

Sounds like a pretty darn good weekend to me. Now, I shall study.


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