Foodie Penpal: June

Let me just tell you a little story.

My dad yells up “There’s a package for you! I’m putting it in front of your door!” It’s 10:30pm and even though I told him he could come in, I feel like dads have this fear of opening teenager – wait, 20-something? – bedroom doors because who KNOWS what’s behind it. I was just in bed watching New Girl, but that’s okay.

I throw on some pants and open the door and there it is. June’s Foodie Penpal box. I am SUPER pumped and rip it open and find these three lovely superfoods. We all know I love chia seeds, so this girl clearly knows my heart. However, I eat about 6 flackers (flax seed crackers) even though I’ve brushed my teeth and don’t plan on leaving my room again until morning. Worth it. And these cacao nibs? I have wanted to try them forEVER and just haven’t for whatever reason.

Thank you thank you thank you, Andrea, for sending me these delicious gems. It’s like you know me. Actually, she said “Thought you already had enough quinoa.” It’s true. Half of my recipes contain quinoa. We should be friends.

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