Summer Livin’.

So, what’s going on this summer? What am I loving? Hating? Doing?

Well, this guy made my day yesterday. He just crawled out of the woods and then popped up on his hind legs. What the heck is that? A beaver!? I love wildlife.

This would be something I’m hating. Organic chemistry… you may be the death of me. The rumors? They’re true. It’s as hard and evil as they say.

Tea before exams helps, especially with motivation quotes. Too bad I did have a care in the world. A pretty big one, at that.

Thunderstorms! I lovelovelove thunderstorms. Something about the crashing thunder and the brilliant flashes of lightning accompanied by the pounding rain on windows and the always beautiful periwinkle sky just makes me happy. Summer storms are the best.

Bubble baths. I’ve probably taken 4-5 in the last 7 days. It’s fine. Reading and bubble baths is the best way to survive summer school.

This movie. It’s seriously life changing. Well, life… altering. Life-aware-making. Yeah, that’s a phrase. But I actually made vegan mousse last night and let me just tell you, my body is thanking me.

This dress, which shall be worn tonight for my mom’s birthday dinner!

This guy. He’s a constant source of entertainment. Whether he’s playing with plastic lids or sliding into the refrigerator or galloping across the kitchen floor or chasing his tail, he is seriously hilarious and it’s like having a sibling in the house. In a good way.

Aaaaand this is my favorite snack. Hands down. Peanut butter + chocolate rice cake + bananas = snack of the champions. Of warriors. Of organic chemistry survivors.

What are you doing this summer? Anything fun? Surviving the heat? Coming up with cool snacks? Fun dresses? Wild animals?


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