Lemon Mojitos

Can I brag? For a second? Just a second, promise. I did this in yoga the other day. For real. I did that. I feel like that is one of those 10-years of practice crazy things that yogis do. Apparently not, since today is Day 7 and I did it on Day 5 and let’s be real. I am no yogi.

Then I did it three more times to show off to my mom, dad, new roommates, and friends. Yeah, I’m pretty cool like that. Then, I made my friends do it. Can I just paint you a picture? These friends… they’re boys. Two boys, – men? – both over six feet tall. So it’s 10pm on a Friday night and I come in, super excited about my yoga improvements, and show them. Then, I dared them to do it. Aaaaand they did it.

Well, one did it – just keep in mind he’s 6’4″  – really well and shot straight up. Perfect posture. The other boy kind of did crow and then lunged forward like a jack rabbit to avoid hitting his face. It was quite entertaining.

Yoga is such a great party starter. As in, “Hey everybody! Guess what I did! Wanna try?” and then people find an open space on the floor, just far enough away from the couch and TV, and start to contort their bodies. Epic. Maybe I should rethink my lack of going out…

Lemon Mojito
Adapted from The Little Kitchen

1 lemon
Handful of mint leaves
1/4 c simple syrup
1/2 c Bacardi rum
1/2 c club soda (more or less, depending on taste)
1/4-1/2 c ice

1. To make the simple syrup, mix equal parts sugar and warm water.
2. Squeeze lemon juice into cup and add mint leaves and simple syrup. Using a wooden spoon, mottle (push down) the mint leaves to release the minty essence.
3. Add rum to glass.
4. Add ice and club soda and stir.
5. Cheers!


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