Foodie Pen Pal

There’s this really cool thing called Foodie Penpals. I mean, how cool is that? You send a package to some lucky camper and get a package from some awesome person! Yess. Food exchange to the max. Now, some of you might be saying, “Hey, isn’t a handwritten letter enough? I barely have time for those with all this technology…” But! There is a handwritten letter involved! You get fun food, cute snacks and a handwritten letter from this random and wonderful person.

I found out about this from my lovely friend Katie’s blog and have been smitten ever since. This was my first month and I loved it. Getting the stuff, giving the stuff, writing the letter…

Anyway, you wanna hear about the food, right?!

My lovely sender sent quinoa pasta, roasted garlic and sweet basil pasta sauce, gluten free oatmeal cookies, and a lavender blueberry dark chocolate bar! Yumm.

Remember that pasta I made a few days ago? That was with the quinoa pasta! It was very interesting. A little chewier than normal pasta, but definitely good! And that Dagoba bar was to die for. Ohmygahh I love dark chocolate. The darker the better. And it had chunks of blueberries! Yesss.

If you’re interested, click the link or Foodie Penpal picture above. It’s pretty great. You should do it!

Thanks so much to my sender – love the food! Aaand you have pretty handwriting. Just saying.


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