Strawberry and Cashew Poppyseed Salad

Hi. So, we all know I am a bit of a foodie. Or that might imply that I actually know what I am doing in the kitchen and have a sense of food pairings. Rather, I am an… obsessive-compulsive chef? Something like that.

Well, from my little ol’ hometown, we do not have a Trader Joe’s. I read about Trader Joe’s on Jessica’s blog all.the.time and I am so jealous. Things like chocolate-covered goji berries and canned coconut milk and cookie butter exist in that magical land of a store.

I went. When I was visiting my lovely, back-massaging friend, we took a baby road trip to Trader Joe’s. I perused the aisles super slowly and people who actually have a purpose and destination in their trip to this store were huffy and trying to get around me, but I was so oblivious as I took in these fun words and colors and organicness.

Anyway, I bought cookie butter. And now just one jar but two. Yeah, I did. It is delicious on top of oatmeal and pancakes and my finger. Yes, when I bought it, I immediately scooped out a glob with my finger. Don’t judge me. They were clean. Probably.

Now, obviously this post doesn’t have anything about cookie butter, but it’s coming. Promise. I am just trying to find the perfect recipe to use this cookie butter on. You can’t just throw this delicacy on anything. That’d be wasteful and extremely depressing. I almost want to save the cookie butter for myself and only eat it out of the jar with a spoon. But seeing that I have barely left this same sweatshirt I’ve been wearing all week, I would officially be termed a slob. So, to avoid being called a slob since leaving this sweatshirt probably isn’t happening anytime soon, I am rationing the gingersnap-tasting delight.

In the mean time, you better starting eating some healthy salads to prepare for the deliciousness that will ensue once I find the perfect recipe. Good thing I’ve already got my sweatshirt on. I miiight have to move onto the yoga pants, too.

Strawberry and Cashew Poppyseed Salad

Strawberries, chopped or sliced
Cashews, halves or pieces
Poppyseed dressing

Combine all.


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