Summer To-Do List

I am all about the to-do lists if you didn’t already know. And since we have less than a month until summer…

Here is my summer to do list!

  1. Read 5 books (including Hunger Games).
  2. Do a puzzle.
  3. Play the piano (memorize a song?).
  4. Make shirts.
  5. Do a 30-day yoga challenge.
  6. Make pizza.
  7. Go on a picnic.
  8. Putt-putt.
  9. Make 5 things on my food bucket list.
  10. Game night!
  11. Make a craft.
  12. Make lemonade.
  13. Write a letter.
  14. Cookies for friends.
  15. Go to the lake.
  16. Breakfast for dinner.
  17. Make mojitos.
  18. Bowling.
  19. Go to farmer’s market.
  20. Donate tips to organization of my choice.
  21. Take a road trip!
  22. Have a movie marathon day.
  23. Go to a movie (drive-in?).
  24. Go hiking.
  25. Finish crocheting scarf.
  26. Catch fireflies.
  27. Go stargazing.
  28. Go downtown and get gelato.
  29. Take a bubble bath.
  30. Go to a park and swing on the swings.
Aaaaaand play with the cat.
This little ball of fur is growing up very quickly. He is quite the handful and a source of constant entertainment. Over Easter weekend, my parents and I were watching Contagion – which is terrifyingly realistic and makes you scared to touch anything, especially your face – and he climbs up onto the TV stand and then tries to take a flying leap onto the chair, which is 5 feet away, and ends up doing a split in midair and falling on his face because his foot slipped.
My mom and I almost wet our pants. It’s been a long time since we’ve laughed that hard. 

One thought on “Summer To-Do List

  1. Katie @ OhShineOn says:

    I would have totally peed my pants. Good thing we can agree on Eat Pray Love and Chocolat to watch as opposed to some scary, terrifying, creepy movie. I curl up in a ball and start to cry. It's not a pretty sight.

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