Spring Break 2012: North Myrtle

[Warning: The following post contains excessive amounts of pictures of the beach.] 

You know what I love about the beach? Everything.

Sand squishing under your toes. Cool water lapping against your ankles. Putt-putt. Aloe on sunburned shoulders and cold ice cream on sunburned lips. Fresh saltwater taffy and homemade fudge. All free time devoted to reading excessive amounts of books. Nothing but swimsuit by day and sundress by night.

But my favorite part is waking up early, before anyone else is awake, eating breakfast in silence, and then walking down to the beach, where the only other people there are doing the exact same thing. It is the perfect time to run or walk, to listen to music and let the waves splash against your legs, to think about how small you are compared to the vastness of the open ocean, to watch baby minnows dart in the shallow water, to pick up the perfect shell, and to breathe in the salty air and let it wash away every single one of the stresses that the real world causes.

Let’s just say I’m feeling rejuvenated.


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