Vegetable Alfredo Pasta

Dear 7-Year-Olds of the World:

Right now, you may have a babysitter. Or maybe last weekend. Or maybe this weekend. Or maybe every weekend, if you’re cool like that. Listen up. I know you think your life is hard, and I know you think their life is even harder with those big scary textbooks and that calculator and the word “exam” rather than test and the fact that they’re so much taller than you, but here’s the thing: don’t stress.

You’ll get through it. It’s really not that bad.

But. You need to enjoy your time. Your youth. It all changes super fast. So, do me a favor. Go. Go jump on the trampoline. Go chase your dog. Or cat. Or neighbor. Just someone. Eat some candy. Roll in the grass. Jump in an oversized box. Roll down the hill in it. Play barbies. Or ninjas. Or both. Throw a water balloon at your mom. Pretend to have the flu. Watch Disney movies Spit watermelon seeds off the deck. Eat “Dirt and Worms” or whatever those things are called. Ride around on your bicycle. DO A PULL UP WHILE THEY ARE STILL EASY. Okay, sorry. Getting carried away.

The point (!) is that you are in this ideal time where boys or girls are just beginning to have cooties and nail polish or baseball cards are something you save up for but homework hasn’t consumed your life and EOG testing is the only stress of the year. You’ve never used the word exam and your mom lets you listen to whatever you want and either Justin Bieber will be your husband or Selena Gomez will be your wife one day. All these things are super ideal.

Also, you’re the future. No pressure.

Stressed Out 20-Year-Old College Kid

Vegetable Alfredo Pasta

Whole wheat pasta
Green beans
Alfredo sauce
Red pepper flakes
Salt and pepper

1. Cook pasta.
2. Sautee veggies.


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