Life time.

Let’s step into the life of me. You know you want to. What does her room look like? What does she do in her spare time? Does she have any weird habits?

I am here to answer all your questions, people.

Hello, room. This is my desk area. Obviously. I like color. Notice the walls and the rainbow bookshelf. Oh, and that drawing of me? This Spanish guy drew it. He’s pretty awesome and very talented. You should check out his stuff. It’s awesome and inspired me to…..

Do crafts! I love crafts. This is going above the sofa in my apartment at Elon. I probably should have painted it, but let’s be real. I’m not that creative.
And this guy is going on the kitchen table! Easy peasy. Just some sticks and scrapbook paper leaves.
This is my plant. Her name is Olga. I name things. My iPod is named Orangina and my car is named Thrasher. My bear is named Uh-Oh. It’s a long story…
Stayed tuned. Maybe I’ll show you some of my apartment once I….. MOVE IN IN A WEEK!
Excited much? Yes. Ecstatic.


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