Ancient Mediterranean Walnut-Filled Dates

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a character on Grey’s Anatomy. Like I’m a surgeon and when I am taking the stones out of the middle of the dates, I was actually fixing a heart.

And when one came out perfectly I screamed “Clean suture!” I don’t think that even makes sense though…

I will never be a surgeon and cooking is the closest I will come to having a knife next to the skin of something, even if it is a fruit.

Today I am sharing my first recipe with you. For my Culinary Habits of the Ancient Mediterranean Times class, we had to cook an ancient recipe for our banquet. My partner and I picked this and a fruit salad.

I had never tried a date before. They are actually really good and naturally sweet.
Of course, though, we sweetened them some more.
Sarah, my lovely partner, stuffed the dates after I extracted the stones.

Then we put them in a wine and honey mixture and simmered them. Yum. Juicy and sweet and crunchy.

Ancient Mediterranean Walnut-Filled Dates in Honey Wine Sauce

Red Wine

Remove the stones from the dates. Be careful not to open the dates too much as you want them to still be semi-whole so you can stuff them with nuts. Chop the walnuts and stuff the walnuts in the pits of the dates. After the dates are filled, warm the red wine and honey in a sauté pan. There should only be enough liquid to cover the bottom of the pan. Add the dates. Keep it on a medium-low heat, so the wine is bubbling slightly and the dates are simmering. After 5-10 minutes, remove the pan off the heat and let the dates absorb the liquid. Once the dates are cooled slightly, remove them from the pan.

My apologies for the lack of measurements with this recipe. We just kind of winged it.


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